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Join the Canadian Associated Air Balance Council (CAABC)

Admission Procedures:

  1. Application Submission:
    • Complete the application for certification and membership.
    • Submit with a $250.00 non-refundable application fee to the Membership Chairperson.
  2. Job Site Verification:
    • Verification of application statements followed by a job site verification on one of the 10 projects listed in your application.
    • The cost of this investigation is borne by the applicant; investigating officer’s travel, food, and lodging expenses will be reimbursed.
  3. TBS Examination:
    • Upon passing the investigation stage, the applicant will write the TBS examination, administered by a proctor approved by the President.
    • The exam is open book, split into a 4-hour morning session and a 4-hour afternoon session, with a passing mark of 70%.
    • If the applicant fails, they may retake the exam after three months; a second failure requires a twelve-month waiting period before another attempt.
  4. Probationary Membership:
    • After passing the TBS exam and paying the remaining annual dues, signing the Performance Guaranty-Resolution, and the Code of Ethics, the applicant becomes a probationary member of CAABC.
    • Certified members will receive a CAABC seal for all reports, guaranteed by CAABC.
  5. Review Period:
    • The first two years of probationary membership include a review of reports, procedures, and practices.
    • Upon satisfactory review, full membership is granted, renewable annually for members in good standing.
  6. Publication:
    • Membership will be published in the TAB Journal.

Policy Reminders:

  1. Performance Guaranty:
    • Valid only for projects tendered after the formal certification date.
  2. Support and Encouragement:
    • CAABC offers assistance to applicants showing potential for full membership.
  3. Annual Dues:
    • $3000.00 per year, payable annually by 12 postdated monthly cheques.

Membership Chairperson Contact: Canadian Associated Air Balance Council
1715 Drouillard Rd.
Windsor, ON N8Y 2S6
Phone: 519-256-4543
Fax: 519-256-4544

Application Requirements:

  • Independent test and balance firms, with no affiliations affecting the ability to render independent reports.
  • Minimum of three years in business.

If you meet these requirements, CAABC will be pleased to receive your application. If not, but you can demonstrate sufficient expertise and experience, please contact the Membership Chairperson to discuss further.

Additional Required Information:

  • Educational and business background of present owners.
  • Company banking facilities and six consecutive months of bank statements.
  • Date of business incorporation or registration.
  • Names of corporation officers, partners, and major shareholders.
  • List of current employees, titles, and years with the company.
  • List of 10 sizable projects on which test and balance work was performed in the last three years.
  • Complete balancing report on one or more of these projects.
  • 10 letters of endorsement by consulting engineers.

For detailed application requirements, please refer to the complete guidelines or contact the Membership Chairperson.

Join CAABC today and become part of a community dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the air balance industry!